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Baby developing inside you
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Week Six: The heart begins to beat

You are 6 weeks pregnant. (four weeks from conception)
  • The embryo has reached a size of about 8 mm (1/4 inch) in length.
  • The spinal cord, which until now has been open, is beginning to close.
  • The first blood cells and blood vessels are developing.
  • Blood moves through these primitive vessels connected to the yolk sac.
  • A pipe-shaped heart is formed and begins to beat.
  • The brain begins to divide into 5 parts.
  • Optic pits form the start of the developing eye.
  • The cells destined to be the arms and legs are in place.
You might not be able to stop yawning long enough to read this! Your baby develops rapidly during the first few weeks of pregnancy, which is why women tend to feel so tired in the first trimester. To help your baby thrive, you need plenty of rest and early nights, as well as fresh air, regular exercise and a healthy diet. Sleeping in a jog bra can help the breast soreness.

Many of your symptoms are the same as last week. Some women may also get headaches from the rise in hormones. There are also a lot of women who will have none of these symptoms. They will sail through early pregnancy without vomiting or being light headed. For a lot of women this can be normal as well. Do not panic if you do not have pregnancy symptoms, although you should contact your care provider if you suddenly lose your pregnancy symptoms.

embryo 5 weeksAt this time the embryo is still smaller than the size of a raisin. Low on the sides of the head are two folds of tissue that will become the ears. Although not completely developed, all the major body organs and systems are formed. The heart also forms, and it begins to beat on the 25th day after conception (about 6 weeks after the last menstrual period), and a heart beat can already be detected.

The neural tube enlarges into three parts, that will soon to develop to become a very complex brain. Also the placenta begins functioning, known as the chorionic villi and the umbilical cord, through which the baby will receive nourishment and oxygen. The spine and spinal cord grows faster than the rest of the body at this stage and will give the appearance of a tail. This will disappear as the baby continues to grow.

First trimester Week by week:   ultrasound scan pictures: Week 6

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